Day 2: Have a PB&J Smoothie at EarthFare

2 Jan

Though the PB&J smoothie is quirky and delicious, you can’t go wrong with eating, well, anything at EarthFare. This small, Asheville-based health foods store offers a cornucopia of foods displayed in such an enticing way that it amounts to food pornography. You will oogle their exotic cheeses, organic produce and plentiful selection of nuts and grains. By the time you arrive at their hot food bar and bakery your mouth is literally watering.

I’ve sampled their hot foods, smoothies and bakery items and can enthusiastically recommend them all. It’s a good spot to go for lunch or a quick dinner, and you can always get your meal to-go. (Plus, you will leave feeling like you’ve just done something good for your body. Even if it was scarfing down a cannoli.)

Address: 2425 Apalachee Parkway


One Response to “Day 2: Have a PB&J Smoothie at EarthFare”

  1. L. February 26, 2012 at 11:56 pm #

    Don’t forget about the locals just up the road! New Leaf is totally locally owned and operated, and their deli can make you a pb&j as well- just ask for bananas, strawberries, apple juive, and a dab of honey. That way, you can do something good for yourself, AND for the little guys 🙂

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