Day 28: Shop at New Leaf Market

28 Jan

Earlier I wrote about EarthFare, a new grocery store that merges gourmet and healthy foods. But long before there was EarthFare, Tallahassee had New Leaf Market, a food cooperative that emphasizes organics. New Leaf Market has the grocery store basics, with most items certified organic, a stellar wine and beer section, and a hot food bar, deli and bakery. (Note: Its bakery has a ton of gluten-free items). You don’t have to be a member to purchase from New Leaf, though being a member does give a discount. I shop infrequently at New Leaf for groceries, but I go there often for their hot food items or scrumptious desserts. New Leaf definitely caters to vegetarians, with tofu ribs, tempeh sandwiches and seitan burritos. But the grocery doesn’t ignore its meat-eating friends, either, and usually offers several hot food entrees and deli-style sandwiches.

Address: 1235 Apalachee Parkway


One Response to “Day 28: Shop at New Leaf Market”

  1. Kat January 21, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    I love New Leaf Market. I grew up in the Indianhead Acres neighborhood about a mile behind New Leaf and would often ride my bike there to grab some snacks and fruity sodas. 🙂

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