Day 52: Learn something new from an FSU speaker

21 Feb

Let me clarify what I mean by “FSU speaker.” I’m on Florida State University’s media mailing list and it seems almost weekly I receive notices that someone is coming to speak at the university who is well-respected in their field. For example, David Sanger, Washington correspondent for the New York Times, spoke at FSU in 2009. The best part is, all of these talks are free and open to the public. Sometimes they are held at inconvenient times, like 4:00 p.m. on a Tuesday. But often, one can attend a speech in the evening. One I recently attended featured Bill Bishop, a former Austin American-Statesman reporter (just like me!) and author of the book “The Big Sort,” which describes how people are increasingly living in ideological clusters and the ramifications of that. I was tickled to find free desserts to nibble on and coffee to sip at the event. (It doesn’t take much to wow me). Bishop’s PowerPoint-fueled talk was interesting, though the question-and-answer session got a bit unwieldy after too many people asked off-topic questions or just wanted to spout off about their own political opinions. If you happen to be reading this entry on Feb. 21 – good news! At 3:30 p.m. you can hear David Makovsy, an expert in the Middle East, give a talk about opportunities for Arab-Israeli peace at FSU’s Claude Pepper building.

Address: Florida State University. To learn about when these events are check FSU’s press releases, which are posted online at


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