Day 55: Eat pasta at Cafe Marebella

24 Feb

This is the first time I’ve gone outside the city limits for a blog post. I decided when I started this project that anything within an hour’s drive counts as a “thing to do in Tallahassee.” Thankfully, that includes the charming city of Thomasville, about a 45 minute drive north of here. Upscale Italian restaurant Cafe Marebella is in an old train depot near Thomasville’s quaint downtown. My husband took me there for Valentine’s Day because I’m in love with their fettucine alfredo. Their creamy, rich alfredo sauce is probably a million calories but  it tastes so good you don’t care. The restaurant itself is cozy, with dim lighting, high ceilings and red walls. They are smart to carry popular local appetizers like Bella Bella’s bubble bread, as well as dozens of pasta choices, from more traditional lasagnas and spaghettis to dishes such as linguine with a spice red sauce and shrimp. If Cafe Marebella has any specialty, it is pasta and seafood. The owner is from New York, and has succeeded in capturing the authentic Italian experience.  There is also outdoor dining available, but beware that trains still do whistle by on nearby tracks. The prices are high, but not outrageously so. If visiting on a Saturday or Friday night, make a reservation first.

Address: 420 West Jackson Street (Thomasville, Georgia)


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