Day 56: Learn about science at Waterworks

25 Feb

Longtime Tallahassee bar Waterworks has cleverly decided to host a “Science Salon” event each Thursday in which demonstrations, experiments and talks are given on a wide variety of topics. The week I attended, Florida State University Anthropology Professor Glen Doran gave a fascinating talk about his role in excavating an archeological site near Titusville, Florida called Windover. This site is one of the most archeologically important in the United States because of the large amount of preserved human remains. It contains over 160 skeletal remains, with some dating back to 8,000 years ago. Windover is actually a swampy pond, which interestingly helped preserve the bodies and other materials well. One of the most important things about the discovery of this site was that  many skulls contained brain tissue, an extreme rarity. This tissue allows forensic scientists to study the DNA of people that lived thousands of years ago. If you’ve never been to Waterworks, it has a tropical theme, with water flowing from the windowpanes. Waterworks also serves food (like hamburgers) as well as drinks.

Address: 1133 Thomasville Road


One Response to “Day 56: Learn about science at Waterworks”

  1. Kendra December 15, 2011 at 3:17 pm #

    This is so cool!

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