Day 57: Go bowling at Crenshaw Lanes

26 Feb

There’s several places to go bowling in Tallahassee and I’ve been to all of them. There’s Capital Lanes on Capital Circle, which is popular with families and large groups. There’s Seminole Lanes on Tennessee, which is frequented by students and is also where the Florida A&M University women’s bowling team plays. And there is Crenshaw Lanes, which is a bowling alley at FSU’s Oglesby Student Union. It is also where FSU’s bowling team plays. I went during my lunch hour, which I would not recommend. Parking was a major hassle and surprisingly, the alley was pretty crowded. That might be because its prices are the lowest in Tallahassee. I paid $3.49 for a game and shoes. (I think my baby face let me get the student discount). Usually it’s $3.25 per game and $1.50 for a shoe rental for the general public. Bowling itself was a blast – I had one of my best games ever. The ball seemed to easily glide toward the pins, and I got several strikes and spares, as did my bowling companion April. Crenshaw Lanes also sells beer and is open until 2 a.m. on the weekends.

Address: 104 CRB Student Union, FSU campus


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