Day 59: Cheer on your favorite pooch at a dog show

28 Feb

As a big fan of the hilarious movie Best In Show, I was excited to see an ad for the Ochlockonee River Kennel Club’s annual dog show. This show is a pretty big deal for local dog breeders and trainers, and the ad promised that even some of the dogs that were in the big Westminster dog show would be present. Because I arrived a little late, I got a three-dollar discount off the six-dollar entrance fee. Score! I quickly discovered that the ORKC is as much a people-watching show as a dog-watching show. The women have a certain uniform – conservative suits and plain, sensible pumps. Makeup and fancy hairdos were left to the dogs. The men wear suits and there were even some presenters as young as 12 . I found the scene pretty hilarious because it was a lot like the movie. The dogs had better hair dryers than I do, and their owners fussed over the placement of every strand. I watched the presentation of the “toy” group, my favorite, but I could not figure out why certain dogs won over others. This is a great place to take your own pets and stock up on doggie goodies. One suggestion: bring your own chair. I had to stand to watch the voting because all the folding chairs were taken.

Address: North Florida Fairgrounds, Paul Russell Road and South Monroe streets


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