Day 63: Go to First Friday at Railroad Square

4 Mar

On the first Friday of every month, a little section of town known as Railroad Square hosts a big party. The idea was to draw people in to a part of town that not many Tallahasseans would visit. Railroad Square is a section of old warehouses that have been transformed into primarily art galleries, though there is a vintage clothing shop, a theater, a rock climbing gym, a comic book store, and more. On First Friday the streets are usually pretty crowded with people and all the galleries and stores stay open late, with some offering free drinks and food. First Friday does skew young – it seems popular with high school students. Beyond the free food, which is nothing more then some crackers and cheese, there are many wonderful food vendors that have a vegan or vegetarian bent and are really inexpensive. This is truly one of those can’t-miss Tallahassee experiences. You get to see great art for free and understand a part of the community that is often overlooked.

Address: Near Gaines and Railroad Ave/Wahnish Way


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