Day 66: Watch a Civil War re-enactment

7 Mar

I thought watching a Civil War re-enactment might help me get in touch with the pulse of the South. Albeit, I was a bit apprehensive because the ritual struck me as a potential tacet endorsement of stubborn Confederate ideals, such as secession, states’ rights, or slavery. I watched a re-enactment of the March 6, 1865 Natural Bridge skirmish between Confederate and Union forces southeast of Tallahassee. Ear-splitting booms of cannons and the cracks of rifles  could be heard miles away. Though the audience and participants were predominantly white, I was pleasantly surprised to see black participants in the re-enactment, but only on the Union side. (I later learned this is the first year for black reenactors at the annual event). The re-enactment itself was blessedly short and the men in it seemed to enjoy the excuse to fire off rifles for an hour. The most exciting part was when a dummy soldier in a tree exploded and then proceeded to catch fire. (A Union soldier put it out). If you need to stock up on your Civil War-era attire and other miscellaneous items, there was a tent to purchase such things. (Anyone need a corn cob pipe made in China?) This re-enactment was free, though I donated $3 to Natural Bridge park.

Address: 7502 Natural Bridge Road


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