Day 69: Canoe or kayak down the Wakulla River

10 Mar


There are many canoe shops around Tallahassee that offer canoe or kayaking trips on nearby lakes and rivers. I like T-n-T Hide-A-Way on the Wakulla River. My husband and I rented a tandem kayak for $40 bucks and a few minutes later were swirling in aimless circles in the Wakulla River. Turns out that the back position in a kayak is the steering position. With my tiny arms, we were going nowhere fast. I found the whole thing hilarious and after about 10 minutes of aimless swirling we reached shore and the helpful guy at T-n-T helped us switch positions. With my husband steering, we were soon swiftly moving up the river. The river itself is beautiful, with plenty of adorable turtle families perched nearby. I was told there were alligators, but didn’t see any. One of the interesting things about the Wakulla River is seeing some of the shabby river homes and boat slips along the river. Occasionally we would pass another canoe or kayak and I got to shout my favorite greeting: “Ahoy!” T-n-T also does guided tours for big groups and encourages you to bring along food and drinks.

Address: 6527 Coastal Highway


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