Day 76: Swim at Shell Point

17 Mar

My little brother recently came to visit and requested to go to the beach. I patiently explained that though I live in Florida, there isn’t a decent beach in immediate proximity. But after giving it some thought, I decided to venture out to Shell Point, which is arguably the closest true beach to Tallahassee. About a thirty minute drive away, Shell Point is a small, no-frills beach town with a few condo buildings and a surprisingly decent shoreline. The water was calm and not too cold. The beach had a sand volleyball pit and children’s playground. I actually found that I preferred Shell Point to the more populous beaches in Panama City, which are typically overrun with drunk college students. It’s perfect to take your family for a nice, quiet afternoon. Just pack a lunch because there isn’t much to eat within walking distance.

Address: Beaty Taff Drive. Shell Point, Florida.


One Response to “Day 76: Swim at Shell Point”

  1. m.ward April 21, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    You should try St.George Island. Even though the public beach is pretty( an mostly over crowded) You can drive towards the end of the Island to St.Georges, State park. You pay to enter, not sure of the price as I have never paid attention. But the water is clear and beautiful,and rarely ever crowded. St. George is not far from Shell point.

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