Day 81: Laugh at the press skits

23 Mar

(Nearly) every year in March, members of the Tallahassee media who cover the Florida Governor, Cabinet and Legislature put on a skit poking fun of the politicos they cover. It’s open to anyone who buys a ticket, but the audience tends to be people who work at the Capitol or work with media and the politicians themselves. As a card-carrying member of the media, I have participated in the skits in the past and can testify to the hard work that goes into putting it on. But because the people crafting press skits have nearly zero background in stage production, singing or acting, don’t expect Broadway. It helps to have a basic understanding of some of the issues the Legislature is grappling with and the recent gaffes of Florida politicians. Some of the best parts of skits are the videos. Usually the Governor and the Senate and House of Representatives will produce skit videos poking fun at themselves. I get a kick out of it because you get to see normally straight-faced politicians cut up.

Address: The press skits are typically held at the Moon. Located at 1105 East Lafayette


One Response to “Day 81: Laugh at the press skits”

  1. Barbara Doran March 23, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Neither the printed program, nor the hosts of the program, nor did your post acknowledge that the Skits raise money for the Barbara Frye Scholarship. That’s unfortunate.

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