Day 86: Shop for candy at Fresh Market

27 Mar

Note: I missed March 21, so I’ve posted two today to make up for it.

In the same vein as EarthFare, grocery store Fresh Market takes pains to offer really high-quality food carefully arranged in tempting, mouth-watering displays. It’s not just some bread on a shelf. It’s a cascading pile of freshly-baked loaves of foccacia bread in flavors such as sundried tomato and kalamata olive. One of Fresh Market’s strengths is its huge selection of candy. This isn’t just Snickers and Hershey bars. They have jars and jars of every imaginable candy ever made. (And I won’t even get started on their pastries and desserts). It feels a bit like stepping into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. They’ve even got those chocolate bars made with bacon. Take a kid to Fresh Market and have them fill up a bag of their favorite candies – they will be in heaven.

Address: 1390 Village Square Boulevard


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