Day 88: Drive Go-Karts at Fun Station

31 Mar

There are certain parents in this town who abhor the thought of a visit to Fun Station, the kids playland that offers arcades, laser tag, Go-Karts and miniature golf. After so many weekends spent celebrating birthday parties of hyper five-year-olds at the sticky tables at Fun Station, I can understand their reluctance. But it’s worth a re-visit if you find yourself kid-free or with older children. The mayhem seemed controlled when I visited, and I loved playing laser tag with a group of mostly adults and teenagers. They offer the typical ho-hum pizzas, but I was delighted to discover they have Working Cow ice cream, which is top notch. The Go-Karts were my husband’s favorite and he bragged afterward that he lapped everyone.We spent $30 on a card that we used to pay for all of our fun and actually had money left over. The other great thing about Fun Station are their hours. They stay open until 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. on weekends, a rarity in Tallahassee.

Address: 2821 Sharer Road


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