Day 93: Sip coffee at Black Dog Cafe

3 Apr

Note: I missed a post on March 30, so I have two on April 3 to make up for it.

Much like All Saints Cafe, I have a soft spot for Black Dog Cafe because it reminds me of Austin. The cafe sits just off picturesque Lake Ella and has a laid-back, no frills atmosphere with worn, comfy chairs reminiscent of a well-used living room. It also has a deck for outdoor seating. The menu is typical of most coffee shops, with coffees, espressos and cappuccinos, as well as smoothies and a number of pastries. The cafe is definitely a popular spot for students needing to write that paper or crack open a book. On the day I went, there weren’t many folks over the age of 30. On Friday nights, the cafe collects Scrabble enthusiasts and on Saturdays chess fans arrive to duel one another. The cafe always has board games and paperbacks on hand. I found the cafe’s prices very reasonable and the atmosphere soothing. I could have lost myself in a book for hours.

Address: 229 Lake Ella Drive


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