Day 94: Visit the Tallahassee Automobile Museum

4 Apr

I’m the furthest thing from a car enthusiast, but I was blown away by the goodies inside the Tallahassee Automobile Museum. The museum houses the collection of Florida State University graduate DeVoe Moore, and is home to dozens of beautiful, shiny restored cars from Ford’s Model T all the way up to more modern, sexy sport cars. Walking through the museum’s mirrored showroom is like stepping back in time, with each car reminiscent of the era it came from. One of his most amazing pieces is the 1894 Duryea. It looks like a crumbling wooden carriage with an engine attached. This was the first gas-powered vehicle ever made and according to the museum, the Smithsonian has the only other 1894 Duryea, valued at more than $1 million. I was duly impressed, too, by Moore’s collection of Batmobiles. He has several Batmobiles that were used in filming some of the actual Batman movies. If you are a car enthusiast, you could spend hours in there, drooling over the exposed engines and gleaming hoods of his cars. He also collects and restores pianos, sports memorabilia, pistols, Swiss army knives, Roy Rogers comics, toy cars and more. I was told that even though it is a museum, DeVoe could be persuaded to part with some of his treasures – for a price. The museum is a bit pricey. It is $16 for adults, or $13.50 for two or more, and $7.50 for kids. They also have student discounts.

Address: 6800 Mahan Drive


One Response to “Day 94: Visit the Tallahassee Automobile Museum”

  1. lailani April 12, 2011 at 7:49 pm #

    I kidnapped my husband and children, one day last year, and took the international (damscus georgia, amsterdam georgia, havana fla.) route to Tallahassee and ended here. I figured it was a great stop for my favorite three guys!

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