Day 96: Play disc golf at Tom Brown Park

7 Apr

Note: This post was intended to be published April 6

There are only two city parks in Tallahassee that have disc golf courses. Tom Brown Park in southeast Tallahassee is one of them. If you’re not familiar with disc golf, it takes the same idea of regular golf but instead of balls, there are Frisbee discs and instead of holes, it’s a metal basket you throw it into. At Tom Brown, there are 24 “holes” to throw your disc into spread across what is the city’s largest park. There are wooded areas with tall pines and wide open grassy pastures. You do have to bring your own golf discs, just like with regular golf, and many serious disc golfers bring their own bags with different discs. It’s a really relaxing way to spend a sunny weekend afternoon and it has a less pretentious vibe than regular golf. Unfortunately, there is no fancy country club lunch waiting for you at the end of your play. Tom Brown is more of a bring your own food kind of spot. Disc golf is also much more accessible to kids and a good family bonding activity. If you’re thinking “where on Earth could I buy disc golf supplies?” try Lofty Pursuits.

Address: 1125 Easterwood Drive


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