Day 106: Shop for art at the Chain of Parks

16 Apr

The Chain of Parks is an art festival sponsored by the LeMoyne art museum that stretches across several small mid-street parks in downtown Tallahassee. It attracts artists not just from the city, but from all across Florida and the Southeast, who set up mini-stores underneath white tents. The art tents to be very Florida-based with lots of paintings or photographs of drooping trees layered in Spanish moss, swampy forests, and white-sand beaches edged with rippling blue waters.  I went with the intention that I would just window shop and sample the food vendors. But I found myself drawn to the art and loved the opportunity to speak with the artists about their particular style. (Most of it was outside of my price range. Think $500 to $2,000.) I ended up walking away with a lovely photograph of the Czech Republic from Larry Humphrey that I will hang on my living room wall. The food vendors weren’t bad, there was an abundance of kettle corn and some great locally-made ice cream from Barb’s Brittles. This isn’t exactly a child-oriented festival, it’s better  to go with friends or a spouse. The festival is free, but $1 are encouraged.

Address: Downtown Tallahassee


One Response to “Day 106: Shop for art at the Chain of Parks”

  1. Claire Bishop December 31, 2011 at 12:46 pm #

    Sorry. The “Chain of Parks” is not special. It is nothing more than consecutive, wide median-strips with a few trees and poorly maintained landscaping. Why it is “celebrated” as a special place in Tallahassee mystifies me. Boring.

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