Day 108: Bite into the ribs at Mo-Betta BBQ

18 Apr

Every order is take-home at Mo-Betta, the roadside barbecue joint with a deserved reputation for grilled meals. It does have a peculiar location – the parking lot of a gas station. Mo-Betta’s is a parked yellow-and-red trailer with a standalone black smoker grill with a tall chimney, a waist-high stack of firewood and three sweaty cooks.At the walk-up window, a hand-scrawled menu carries a few common misspellings. But the menu choices are clear: chopped pork or beef brisket that come on buns in regular or large orders; and ribs, either a half slab for $8.50 or a full slab for $20. And like any great Southern dining establishment, they offer additional choices such as fried wings and french fries. The meats are grilled all day over hickory. I ordered a half-slab of ribs and a side of beans. I arrived behind a few other people and my order took 10 minutes or so. I wouldn’t recommend coming here if you are in a rush. Also of note: Mo-Betta is closed on Sundays and Mondays. My Saturday afternoon wait was worth it. When I got home, I opened the Styrofoam box to find a heaping mound of ribs (far more than Sonny’s puts in their half-slab orders). The meat was tender and flavorful. It pulled off the bones with a light tug. It was delicious, though I found the spice rub to be a little on the salty side. And last, but definitely not least, were the Mo-Betta beans. They exceeded my expectations and were drenched in a mustard-colored sweet sauce and I could detect a sweet apple cider vinegar and pork flavorings. I’d love to have their recipe. The bottom line: Mo-Betta is the best BBQ I’ve had in Tallahassee. – Mark Hollis

Address: Capital Circle Southeast and Apalachee Parkway


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