Day 114: Party like a college student at Bullwinkle’s

24 Apr

If you are not in college, a night at Bullwinkle’s will be filled with an odd mix of nostalgia and relief. You’ll feel immense relief you’ve moved beyond the watery drinks, sticky floors and awkward single encounters that college clubs like Bullwinkle’s are known for. But a part of you will feel a little sad and nostalgic knowing the scantily clad 20-somethings around you have their whole lives ahead of them while you feel a little bit old and cranky. I wanted to tell the DJ to turn the music down and that girl wearing a skirt so short you could see her butt cleavage to put on some clothes. That said, Bullwinkle’s is the place to be if you want to get rip-roaring drunk with very little money. For a $5 cover, women drink completely free at Bullwinkle’s on Saturday nights. The ploy seemed to work as there were plenty of women there on the recent Saturday night that I visited. Bullwinke’s is a typical college bar in that in daylight I’m sure the place would look like a complete dump. The inside portion has sticky tiled floors and a DJ spinning some pretty decent tunes. The bartenders seemed to come in two flavors: attractive young women or burly men with lots of facial hair. The outdoor portion consists of a large wooden deck and a stage where most nights a band plays cover songs. The band pictured above mostly played alternative rock from the ’90s which brought me back to my days in middle school, when most of the people in the club were in diapers. A side note: if you can, avoid using the restrooms there. Just imagine what years of vomit, pee and drunk people have done to it. All in all, not a bad evening’s entertainment and a great way to get a cheap buzz.

Address: 620 West Tennessee Street


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