Day 115: Have dessert at Food Glorious Food

25 Apr

One of my favorite treats is going to Tallahassee restaurant Food Glorious Food! and ordering just dessert. While FGF certainly has an outstanding dinner menu, they are really known for their decadent, delicious desserts. The restaurant sits in a small shopping center just off Thomasville Road, with dim lighting and a cozy atmosphere. The dessert menu includes: baklava cheesecake, key lime pound cake, coconut cream pie, two kinds of chocolate cakes, and a milk chocolate peanut butter pie. They offer 20 different cakes and pies in all. The last time I visited, I sampled the chocolate tort (pictured above). This rich dessert is similar to a flourless chocolate cake and with a dollop of whipped cream on the side, I was in heaven. Even my non-dessert-loving husband really looks forward to biting into a pie at Food Glorious Food. Their prices are pretty reasonable for desserts. Most slices cost between $6 and $7 but their servings are substantial. I usually have to take some of it home with me. And if desserts just aren’t your thing, their dinner and lunch menus are fabulous.

Address: 1950 Thomasville Road


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