Day 121: Have brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe

1 May

Florida-based Another Broken Egg Cafe is probably the best place in town to have a Sunday brunch. The cafe’s menu is loaded with mouth-watering choices, from beignets to the traditional pancakes and french toast, to a half-dozen different types of omelets. If it’s a breakfast dish, they make it. Most Sundays you will have to wait for a table, though our wait was a respectable 25 minutes. There are two locations in Tallahassee, one that is centrally located off Capital Circle and another that is in the northeast side of town surrounded by tall pines and a small pond. I went to the central location, which was opened recently. I had the Southern Scramble, a mix of peppers, onions, cheese and eggs, along with potatoes and an English muffin slathered in butter that looked like whipped cream. My husband ordered eggs, sausage, an English muffin and potatoes (pictured above). The hefty plates the waiters were slinging to tables around us all looked so good it had me second-guessing my order, though when mine came I had no complaints. This is definitely a family-friendly place and the perfect spot for celebratory gatherings, like post-wedding brunches. The prices were fairly reasonable – we walked away with a bill that was less than $35 for two people.

Address: 3500 Kinhega or 3740 Austin Davis


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