Day 122: Take a yoga class at a studio

3 May

This blog post was intended to be published on May 2

There are plenty of options when it comes to yoga classes in Tallahassee. First, most gyms offer yoga classes. I’ve taken the ones offered by the YMCA. But to be honest, the better classes in town are offered by private yoga-only studios. Studios tend to cater to yoga enthusiasts whereas gyms attract a lot of beginners. And in general the yoga instructors at the studios tend to be more experienced. If you’ve never tried yoga before, I would start with a studio because you’ll get more one-on-one attention. The two studios I have tried in town include Journeys in Yoga and Namaste Yoga. Both offer more intimate classes for advanced and beginner yogis. They also offer a variety of different types of yoga, from hot yoga to more of the relaxed flow yoga to a more stringent workout yoga. The best part is that both studios don’t charge for your first class. So you can get a taste of whether you like yoga before committing to spending money. Both studios charge about $10 per class, and offer discounts when you buy in bulk. My one complaint is I wish they had more early morning classes. There are also a few other yoga studios in town, including one that specializes in hot yoga.

Address: Journeys in Yoga is at 111 South Magnolia and Namaste Yoga is at 1369 East Lafayette


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