Day 126: Eat the tempura sweet potato at Masa

8 May

This blog post was intended to be published on May 6

Most people would praise Masa for its sushi, and rightfully so. This Asian restaurant is known for its sushi and Asian cuisine. But I go there for their tempura sweet potatoes. At Masa you can order a la carte vegetables dipped in tempura. If you’re not familiar, tempura is a lot like deep frying. Their tempura sweet potatoes are so good that I found myself telling my husband they would be in the running for my “last meal” should I ever find myself on Death Row the night before my execution. They also come with a soy sauce dipping bowl. Masa is not exactly cheap, for the two of us plus my husband’s beers it was $40. The atmosphere is lovely, with just the right lighting and modern decor. It’s a great place for a date, or to bring your family. Also, Masa is a Lucy Ho’s restaurant, which may not mean anything to do you but it does to a lot of Tallahasseans because she is well-known for her Asian cuisine. Masa is very similar to Azu, another Lucy Ho restaurant.

Address: 1001 North Monroe


One Response to “Day 126: Eat the tempura sweet potato at Masa”

  1. goinpostaltallahassee May 8, 2011 at 9:10 am #

    I’m actually not a huge fan of this place for date nights — it’s my humble opinion that Masa generally has the hottest waitresses in town. I prefer to be led not into temptation.

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