Day 127: Glimpse new homes at the Parade of Homes

8 May

This blog post was intended to be published on May 7

I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with real estate. My idea of a good time is watching HGTV while also scrolling through the Multiple Listing Service. So it goes without saying my favorite time of the year is early May when Parade of Homes is going on. If you’re not familiar, Parade of Homes is put on by the local Tallahassee home builders. Each year, local builders show off their new homes, holding open houses over two weekends to let people walk through dozens of new homes that were built in recent months. It’s popular with people in the market and also just nosy homeowners like me who want to know what’s in style. Usually the homes vary greatly in prices, with everything from low $100Ks to $1 million and up. You can pick up a guide to the Parade at your local Publix. You pick which homes to see and in what order. I especially enjoy oogling the high-end homes that are way beyond my station in life. The Parade has hit some hard times recently, with the number of homes shrinking due to the economy. But it’s still a great way to spend the afternoon and completely free.

Address: All over town


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