Day 129: Sample the cheese at Sweet Grass Dairy

9 May

In downtown Thomasville (about 45 minutes north of Tallahassee) there is a lovely cheese shop run by Sweet Grass Dairy, a family-owned handcrafted cheese producer. They make their cow and goat cheese through two Georgia-based farms. Though I don’t know all the proper lingo, I do know it is damn good. At the shop you can order a platter of cheeses or meats to sample, and each comes with its own pairing. For instance, the Thomasville Tomme, the buttery cheese made from grass-fed cows, is paired with fig jam. The Asher Blue, one of their blue cheeses, is paired with sugary pecans. They also have wine on hand and you can buy your own cheese and jams to go. Sweet Grass Dairy made me a bit of a cheese connoisseur. Before my visit, I was your standard cheddar kind of gal. Now I make a point of stopping by every few months and sampling their latest cheese invention and I never leave without some cheese to bring back home with me.

Address: 105 North Broad Street


One Response to “Day 129: Sample the cheese at Sweet Grass Dairy”

  1. Barbara Doran May 10, 2011 at 6:10 am #

    If you enjoy thier cheese, then you would love thier annual (I think) open house at the goat dairy. It is a really fun day to go up there and see how the dairy works – and they have vendors who sell other things and things for kids to do.
    Lots of fun

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