Day 130: Stroll through the art gallery at Le Moyne

10 May

Visiting the LeMoyne Center for Visual Arts now is a bit different than it was a few years ago. The art museum has been hit very hard by the economic recession. It has forced the museum to downsize, selling off one of the historic homes it used to display art and sell off some of its collection to pay off debt. The new LeMoyne is much trimmer. It’s still located in a downtown historic home and is still free (though donations are encouraged and very much appreciated). When I attended, the exhibit featured art all about cats. There were dozens of paintings that featured cats and since I’m a bona fide Crazy Cat Lady I totally dug it. I wouldn’t say the LeMoyne is child-friendly, though they do offer summer camps and great activities for kids. LeMoyne also offers art classes year-round. Strolling through LeMoyne, though, I mostly felt pity for the museum and a desire to restore it to back to its glory days. Support LeMoyne by visiting on your lunch hour or on a Saturday afternoon and for pete’s sake make a donation!

Address: 125 North Gadsden Street


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