Day 131: Munch on a bagel from Bagelheads

11 May
I have long held a special affinity for bagels. As a kid they were always a rare treat and in college they were a favorite go-to morning snack. I was so disappointed when I first moved here and discovered the only Einstein’s in town was on campus. But I quickly learned that Bagelheads does the job just as well. The Tallahassee-based bagel shop is in an old fast food restaurant on busy Apalachee Parkway. They have pretty much every bagel you could want from blueberry to poppyseed to spinach parmesan and nine kinds of cream cheese. Their bagels and cream cheeses are delicious and could easily be confused for the real deal – the perfection of New York-made bagels. Bagelheads also offer other morning treats such as muffins and cookies as well as lunchtime bagel sandwiches. Bagelheads is very affordable treat – on a recent morning my bagel and cream cheese was about $2.50. The bagel shop is also very hip to social media, so follow them on Twitter for special deals and coupons.
Address: 1935 Apalachee Parkway

One Response to “Day 131: Munch on a bagel from Bagelheads”

  1. Jessi May 26, 2011 at 11:06 am #

    You are remiss not to mention the super asiago with butter. Toasted. I happen to think its one of the best breakfasts in Tallahassee.

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