Day 135: Have the pad thai at Siam Sushi

15 May

There are only about three or four Thai restaurants in Tallahassee and Siam Sushi is one of the best. Don’t let the name confuse you. Yes, they do have sushi and some Japanese dishes but they also serve great Thai food. I like their pad thai, which you can order mild, medium or hot. As a vegetarian I appreciate that you can substitute all of their meat dishes with tofu. Siam Sushi’s menu can be a little overwhelming because there are dozens of choices. The wait staff is happy to provide recommendations and when in doubt, go for the trusty pad thai, a noodle dish with a peanut flavor. The atmosphere inside is lovely, with dim lighting, modern Asian decor.  The proprietor keeps it a little chilly and for that reason I sat outside on the patio. Their prices can be a little steep and their portions are hefty. Try ordering one dish for two people to split. We had two dishes for three people and it was plenty.

Address: 1700 North Monroe Street (in the shopping center with Publix


One Response to “Day 135: Have the pad thai at Siam Sushi”

  1. Melonie Davila June 30, 2011 at 9:42 am #

    This place is delicious! The red curry is great!

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