Day 139: Order the ultimate mac and cheese at 101

19 May

Located at Kleman Plaza in downtown Tallahassee is 101, an upscale restaurant that serves a little bit of everything from burgers to pizzas to salads. Their food is awesome, I’ve been a half-dozen times and have yet to have a bad experience there. Though I am especially partial to 101’s fruit-infused Waldorf salad, 101 offers a fabulous mac and cheese with carmelized onions. You can also add beef, bacon or shrimp if you want. A diner can order the mac and cheese as an entree, but can also order a more diet-friendly smaller serving as a side dish. It will remind you of why you loved mac and cheese so much as a kid. The restaurant itself is great for midday work lunches and at night it is the perfect spot for a date. (It’s not particularly kid-friendly.) The restaurant is also a great spot for evening cocktails and 101 usually has good happy hour specials, such as half-off all drinks or 25 percent off wine bottles.

Address: 215 West College Avenue


One Response to “Day 139: Order the ultimate mac and cheese at 101”

  1. Jessi May 26, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    I am reconsidering my stance on 101, which I have largely eschewed given the proportion of clientele usually wearing the hooker heels and fake tans. But I can be lured pretty easily with macaroni and cheese. Just sayin.

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