Day 140: Take a cooking class at Apron’s

21 May

A dinner date doesn’t usually entail strapping on an apron and preparing an entire meal yourself. But at Apron’s, the Publix food store cooking school, the trick and treat is learning how to make a full meal from scratch. Every day, except Sunday, Apron’s opens up its second-floor cooking kitchens for lessons. The cost is about $40. I attended “How to Cook Vegetarian,” and learned more than I expected, such as how to make a technical cut using an onion and a new process of getting just the right balance of sweets and salts in a dipping sauce. The evening (nearly three hours) was a fun-filled experience in which the students and instructors shared our experiences in the kitchen. But the emphasis was on step-by-step directions through a complete meal, dessert included. The end result was a smorgasbord of treats, from a hummus-like dip made with green beans, lentils and a cabinet full of seasons, to a brussels sprout slaw with mustard dressing and maple glazed pecans, vegetarian egg rolls and a delicious Royal Gala apple pie. I was a proud chef by night’s end. –Mark Hollis

Address: 3521 Thomasville Road


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