Day 142: Cut into a steak at Marie Livingston’s

23 May

If there’s any restaurant in town I know a lot about it’s Marie Livingston’s Steakhouse. I wrote a profile of her for Tallahassee Magazine last year. The first thing to know is that Livingston is a real woman with a fascinating past who overcame many odds to open what locals say is the best steakhouse in town. According to my husband, their steaks are nicely seasoned, grilled with precision and served in a thin layer of flavorful juices. It came with a tasty baked potato and salad. This is going to sound silly but I personally love the steaming hot freshly baked rolls and honey butter that Livingston’s serves and the great wait staff. They quite easily catered to my vegetarian whims and only charged me a mere $6 for a hefty portion of fettucine alfredo. Their steaks are under $20 and are worth every penny. Locals will remember that Livingston’s used to be located on the other side of town. Her new location on Apalachee Parkway is nicely decorated in elegant black and cream colors, a big departure from the rustic lodge look of her old location. You may want to make a reservation on weekends. We didn’t and paid the price with a 30-minute wait.

Address: 2705 Apalachee Parkway


One Response to “Day 142: Cut into a steak at Marie Livingston’s”

  1. pokkie May 24, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    i dont think people should just like put there number vout and stuff like that and i love the simple fact that yall are showing student that old and other students have graduated thats nice thank you

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