Day 143: Play poker at Corner Pocket

25 May

I had driven past Corner Pocket many times and wondered why there were always so many cars at a place that looked on the outside like a dive bar. I finally decided to check it out and was surprised to find it was more spacious and popular than I thought. It could be classified as a sports bar, as there are many flat screen televisions situated throughout. But they also had lots to amuse patrons, from pool to darts, to arcade games and, my favorite, poker. I love a good game of poker and was delighted to discover Corner Pocket offers free poker mini-tournaments on Tuesdays and Sundays. And every other day of the week you can play poker on the single poker table they keep in a corner by the bar. You can’t win money but you do earn points to put towards either an online game hosted by WPT or other tournaments in town. Beware that the poker playing clientele tends to be male and drunk. But it’s still a great time, and I love that it’ s low-pressure, with no overly serious players rolling their eyes over your rookie moves. The bar also offers some basic food, such as nachos and wings, and the bartenders are attentive and quick.

Address: 2475 Apalachee Parkway


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