Day 145: Go running on the FSU track

26 May

I’ve tried the Lincoln, Leon and Florida High tracks as well as the Maclay school track. Each has its own merits, but my favorite is the Florida State University track. For those of you unfamiliar with running, walking or otherwise working out on a track, I will explain the basics. It’s an oval shape and four laps equals one mile. There is absolutely no requirement that you know anything about running or exercise in general. Some people like to walk, jog or even do sprints and other speed work. Tracks are also popular places for other non-runners to cross-train. I’ve even seen FSU’s Ultimate Frisbee team doing hardcore Pilates workouts at the FSU track. Visitors can park in the visitor spot near the stadium or in the parking lot near the psychology building, which is adjacent to the track. The track itself is surrounded by red brick academic buildings and beautiful tall pine trees. One of the best parts about the FSU track is it is very popular. I’ve been at 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. at night and there are at least usually a half-dozen other people working out nearby. As a woman, you feel safe going there at all hours. It’s also well lit at night. It also has bathroom facilities and water fountains. My husband would probably also point out that there are usually attractive young women around, and on a lucky night, you may find the cheerleaders practicing flips.

Address: Intersection of Spirt and Chieftan Way


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