Day 146: Eat a biscuit at Earley’s Kitchen

28 May

Earley’s, a Southern-food restaurant with two locations in Tallahassee, easily makes the best biscuits in town. I’m a carboholic so it’s easy for me to fall in love with a well-made biscuit. But even my meat-lovin’ husband raves about their biscuits. They are freshly made and warm, with just the right chewy consistency and even better with a little jelly spread in the middle. Earley’s SouthWood location, which I frequent regularly because it is walking distance from my house, has a charming vibe, with tables inside and outside, or you can take your food to-go. Earley’s offers breakfast and lunch, with Southern favorites like grits, sausage, eggs and of course the biscuits. I’ve never been for lunch, and they don’t have a menu posted online, but I seem to remember lots of meaty dishes. It’s also a popular weekend spot for brunches. Earley’s is not exactly the place you go if you’re on a diet (unless it is Atkin’s) but they do have very affordable prices.

Address: 1812 South Monroe, 3196 Merchant’s Row Boulevard


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