Day 147: Ride a bike at Lafayette Heritage Trail Park

29 May

The trails that thread through the canopy forests that adjoin Tom Brown and Lafayette parks are wonderful for hiking, running, and mountain bike riding. There are multiple points to enter the trails. You can start at Tom Brown Park, or at nearby Lafayette Heritage Trail Park, which is accessed through the Piney Z neighborhood. If you go to the trailhead at Lafayette, there is a mini-BMX track with small bumps to practice your own jumps and tricks. (As I understand it, nearby Tom Brown Park may have a more substantial BMX track.) If you’re like me and have no interest in trying anything fancy, it’s tame enough to suit a novice that just enjoys the bumpy ride. The trails themselves are full of nature eye candy, home to loads of animals and offering peeks at a lake system that includes Piney Z lake. In summer it can get very hot and humid, so bring plenty of water. The trail system itself is pretty extensive, so study a map before embarking on a bike ride that could take you miles away from where you started.

Address: 4900 Heritage Park Boulevard


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