Day 149: Go furniture shopping in Havana

30 May

Havana is a small town northwest of Tallahassee in Gadsden County that is known for its excellent antique and furniture shopping. All of the furniture and antique stores are grouped together in the downtown area so it’s easy to walk from shop to shop. I’ve gotten quite a few furniture pieces myself there. I can recommend H&H for great couches, tables and chairs. I would describe their furniture as more traditional than modern, but it’s the type of store that almost anyone could find something they like. It is a great alternative to chain stores like Haverty’s, with pushy salespeople who follow you from section to section. At H&H, the friendly owner is nearby if you have questions but otherwise leaves you alone. Another favorite of mine is Wanderings, owned by a woman who has the job we all envy. She travels the world and shops for furniture, jewelry and other knick knacks  and sells those items from her store in Havana. Her shop is where I bought my Indonesia-made dining room table. If you’re more of an antique shopper, there is plenty to buy in Havana. Kellum’s (pictured above) is a great stop for unusual antiques. There are also quite few adorable cafes to stop for a lunchtime snack.

Address: Downtown Havana. Head north on Highway 27 (Monroe Street). You will see the furniture shops on your left once you entire downtown Havana.


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