Day 150: Eat a cupcake from the Cake Shop

1 Jun

In a lot of ways, the Cake Shop is a bit of a hassle. Their hours aren’t so great, for instance. On weekdays they don’t open until 8:30 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. So it’s nearly impossible for someone like me to go before or after work. And weekends are impossible because they are only open Saturday mornings. When I did manage to sneak in a pre-work cupcake run on a recent weekday morning, I arrived to find their cupcake display completely bare. One of the employees tells me “the cupcakes aren’t ready yet.” But they did manage to scrounge up some from the back and slap on some buttercream frosting. Typically they offer a lot of fancy varieties, such as Snickers candy bar and cappuccino. So why do I keep coming back to the Cake Shop time and time again if its such a hassle? They simply make the best cupcakes and cakes in Tallahassee. Sorry, Lucy and Leo’s, they may even best you. I’m willing to put up with the terrible hours and missing cupcakes if it means they don’t change a thing about their cupcakes. Part of what I love about them is the frosting, which avoids the common trap of using too much sugar and becoming sickeningly sweet. Of course the Cake Shop also make cakes and other pastries, but they are really known for their scrumptious cupcakes. It’s a great place to stop for work treats and since it sits in a medical-heavy part of town, stop by on your way back from a doctor’s appointment and score major points with your coworkers.

Address: 1908 Capital Circle Northeast


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