Day 151: Watch the game at Ale House

2 Jun

What do you really expect from a sports-themed restaurant other than an ample beer selection, decent menu choices, lots of monitors for game watching and eye-candy atmosphere? Miller’s Ale House on Apalachee Parkway certainly has the basics covered. With two gargantuan bartending pits, one under cover outdoors and the other inside, the Ale House can seat dozens each night. Most of its customers are around college age. There is no spot in the house that doesn’t face a TV screen and even when it’s standing room only you can watch a game. On a recent weeknight visit I wandered outside to find a stool at the bar, a simple meal and a baseball game featuring my beloved St. Louis Cardinals. Despite nearly 90-degree temperatures, cooling fans kept the area comfortable and it was quiet enough to banter with a newfound friend at the bar. The menu is better than traditional bar-food appetizers like wings and mozzarella sticks. A several-page menu lays out bountiful choices: garden salads, steak, seafood, ribs, pasta plates, and specialities such as jambalaya. I ordered the chicken nachos and the plate was HUGE. Though Ale House is a small chain with locations throughout Florida and elsewhere, it delivers a livelier atmosphere and fresher food than the national chains. The prices were about what you would expect. Two “tall” beers and my huge nacho plate were $20. –Mark Hollis

Address: 722 Apalachee Parkway


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