Day 154: Eat oysters at Calico Jack’s

5 Jun

Calico Jack’s – or “CJ’s” — is an oyster bar. It’s not a club, not a fast-food joint, not a high-end restaurant. It’s an oyster bar, and a pretty good one. Seine fishing nets, heavy ropes and other boating gear make up the indoor décor. The windows are round, like on a ship. The work crew shucks oysters in front of you at a long bar, while other customers dine at simple wooden picnic tables or at an outdoor deck cooled by overhead fans with water sprays. The menu is a comprehensive array of Gulf seafood: oysters, grouper, shrimp, crawfish, Mahi Mahi; but it also brings in fish and salmon from other bodies of water. Their chicken wings are superb, served in three simple choices of mild, medium or hot. And for land-lovers, there are burgers and salads, though they are hard to find on the menu. A soft drink, a dozen steamers, and 10 wings pushed my bill to over $16. They serve liquor and the young waitresses wear teasing attire, but most hours it’s a place you can probably bring the kids. –Mark Hollis

Address: 2745 Capitol Circle Northeast


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