Day 156: Visit an acupuncture physician

6 Jun

The last time I tried acupuncture, I was 14 and suffering from sinus infections. After several visits and swallowing lots of Chinese herbs, it seemed to have no effect. I went the Western route and got surgery, which fixed the problem. Even though I have some skepticism about acupuncture, I’ve heard stories from friends who swear by it. One friend, for instance, said it helped her conceive both her children. Through a LivingSocial deal, I visited Erin Taratoot, a newly licensed acupuncture physician who studied the alternative medicine at the Dragon Rises College of Medicine in Gainesville. I filled out an exhaustive medical form detailing every possible medical ailment. In the first session, Erin spent a good bit of time understanding my medical history and taking my pulse. She learned more about me in one meeting than my regular physician has ever bothered to ask. After studying my situation, Erin pricked my skin with about a half-dozen needles. They sting for just a split second. It hurts far less than waxing, for instance. And it is very relaxing. I nodded off to sleep during the approximately 10 to 15 minutes I laid on the table. It is costly. For one visit I paid $55 with my coupon. A typical first visit costs $110 and follow-up visits are $80. (Soon, she will also accept health insurance).  I do think acupuncture is worth a try, especially if you suffer from something chronic.

Address: 1620 Cedar Center Drive


One Response to “Day 156: Visit an acupuncture physician”

  1. Jessica O. June 6, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

    I went to her for a massage a few weeks ago and it was the best massage I’d ever had. She is absolutely amazing! I’d had lower back pain for years, and in 60 minutes she wiped it out. I’ll be back for more!

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