Day 157: Eat at One Fresh Stir Fry

7 Jun

Based in Tallahassee, One Fresh Stir Fry is a mix-it-yourself fast food restaurant that lets the guests pick and choose what goes into each stir fry. Visitors are given plastic menus on which to circle with markers what they want made. You get a choice of sizes, starches (rice, noodles), proteins (including tofu), veggies, garnishes and sauces. No matter what your preferences and tastes you will find something to like, whether it’s a peanut sauce, bacon bits or quinoa. They also offer a more traditional menu with a strange smorgasbord of subs, wraps, salads, burritos, tacos and fried rice. It is a bit of Asian-meets-Mexican-meets-American. One is a great place to bring a family or even young infants. Spilling rice on the floor is probably a daily occurrence. I like stopping by One to grab food to go.

Address: 1820 North Monroe, 1176 Capital Circle NE, 1415 Timberlane


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