Day 171: Swing away at the Cross Creek Golf Course driving range

21 Jun

I’m a newbie golfer, so maybe I’m not fully appreciating the entire golf-range experience like I should. But my recent visit to the range at Cross Creek Golf Course lacked something…Thrill, perhaps. It was a blistering hot afternoon, so that’s my fault for choosing a bad time. But there were a few other shortcomings. It’s a golf range, so I expected to find a few clubs to borrow with my big bucket of balls. I found a scrappy collection of irons but only two woods. Again, it’s a golfing range. Can’t they provide a better offering for newcomers who don’t own clubs? The balls were pretty lifeless and some in my bucket were already shattered or deeply splintered. The outdoor carpeted bays have had a lot of wear. Several mats didn’t have tees to mount the ball. But to my liking, there were three levels of bays. The range is lighted and the place stays open until 7 p.m. The prices were reasonable, starting at $5 for a small bucket of 45 balls that you can play from the mats to $12 plus tax for a large bucket of 120 balls that can be hit off the grass. Cross Creek also offers nine holes of “executive length” golf — that’s code for Par-3 style short holes with no/few hazards and plain, straight-on fairways. Next visit, I hope to try the course. — Mark Hollis

Location: 6701 Mahan Drive (Highway 90 East)


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