Day 172: Order Chinese Take-Out From Tan’s Asian Cafe

22 Jun

Located immediately adjacent to Esposito’s Garden Center, Tan’s Asian Cafe is a decent Chinese food joint that offers quick service, good-sized portions and a clean, sprightly atmoshphere.  I ordered take out but I can imagine having a pleasant indoor-dining experience, especially for lunch. Through the double doorway are about a dozen small tables and a big-screen television parked against one of the bright yellow-green walls. For the vegetarians in our family, I brought home a vegetable lo-mein and a sesame tofu dish, both of which were accompanied by a small bowl of sticky white rice; and for myself, I ordered szechuan beef, which was tame-seasoned and heavy on the broccoli yet very tasty. The portions were great enough to generate leftovers for a few following days’ lunches. Their menu had all the typical Americanized Chinese food offerings, including appetizers like egg rolls and hot-and-sour soup; a few beers options; extravaganzas such as boneless spare ribs; and if my memory is correct, they even offered some selections of sushi. The restaurant isn’t fancy, and it could use some decorator advice. But after just one visit, I have a feeling that it’s become my new favorite Chinese takeout in Tallahassee. — Mark Hollis

LOCATION: 2743 Capitol Circle Northeast, Suite 110


2 Responses to “Day 172: Order Chinese Take-Out From Tan’s Asian Cafe”

  1. Spencer July 6, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    Tan’s is seriously a great word of mouth restaurant. I started eating there years ago and continue to go back again and again. I tell everyone who mentions wanting Chinese or Asian food about Tan’s. Great place, great service. The Mongolian Tofu is by far my favorite dish, try it, it’s amazing.

    • 365tallahassee July 8, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

      Good to know, I’m always looking out for good tofu dishes.

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