Day 200: Eat a cuban sandwich at Black Bean Cafe

30 Jul

Black Bean Cafe is one of Tallahassee’s oldest Cuban restaurants. With faded furniture, murals of Havana city life and music by Celia Cruz, the cafe does its best to evoke a Cuban atmosphere. Judging by the usually long lunch lines, folks don’t come here just for the atmosphere. The food is pretty decent, too, with the usual array of Cuban sandwiches, papa rellena, and “island fries.” Mark ordered the Cuban sandwich and rice and beans. I had a black bean veggie burger. One of the very nice, and very rare for a Cuban restaurant, things about Black Bean is they are very vegetarian friendly. The veggie burger wasn’t so great, though, so I found myself munching on Mark’s tasty rice and beans instead. Though I did not try it, I was thrilled to see Black Bean offers tres leches cake for dessert. The small cafe is great for a lunch stop because the service is very quick and food pretty satisfactory, but don’t bring large groups there.

Address: 2205 Apalachee Parkway


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