Day 206: Eat the sweet potato pancakes at Canopy Road Cafe

28 Aug

At the suggestion of a reader of this blog, I ventured to Canopy Road Cafe for a Sunday brunch with my little sister. This simple cafe has two Tallahassee locations. I tried the Northeast location off Kerry Forest Parkway, tucked into a brown shopping center with a church and karate studio. The cafe is simply furnished and very kid-friendly. Canopy Road scored immediate points with me for the promise of “we serve breakfast all day.” The menu was a smorgasbord of breakfast delights, from regular pancakes to omelettes, waffles, french toast, and chicken fried steak. They are especially known for their sweet potato pancakes, which come dusted with pecans and cinnamon honey butter. The pancakes were very delicious indeed, with the sweet potato flavor adding a nice zest to the pancakes. The best part about the meal were the prices. Unlike other upscale brunch locales in town, our meal cost about $15, including the hot chocolates we ordered. They also serve sandwiches and salads, but if you ask me breakfast is where Canopy Road shines.

Address: 1913 North Monroe Street or 4500 Shannon Lakes Road


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