Day 207: Watch a movie at All Saints Cinema

5 Sep

Many Tallahassee moviegoers were upset about the sudden demise of Miracle 5 this month. The theater was known for showing independent films that weren’t available at the big screen theaters. The answer to the loss of Miracle 5 is All Saints Cinema, which is managed by the Tallahassee Film Society. Located in the old Amtrak station near Railroad Square Art Park, the theater offers plenty of unique charm. The old Amtrack ticket office and red brick walls of the station are still there, but now there are several rows of movie theater-style seating and a large screen. On weekends there are usually two movies shown each night, think documentaries and other independent films. Movies shown at All Saints are typically previewed in the Tallahassee Democrat on Friday. One great advantage to All Saints is it only costs $7 per person. The concessions were pretty light – just a little popcorn machine tucked into a corner and some candy bars. The movie we watched was “The Woodmans” a documentary about a really talented photographer who committed suicide at a young age. One thing to note: they only accept cash and checks, so stop by the ATM machine head of time.

Address: 918 1/2 Railroad Avenue


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