Day 213: Gyros, Baklava and Opa!

18 Nov

Gyros, Spanakopita, and Baklava. Say that three times fast and you’ll get a sense of the tongue-tying treats featured at Tallahassee’s Greek Food Festival that was held at the Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church on a perfect-weather Nov. 4 & 5. If nothing else, the food choices are heavily vowel-laden. Consider some of the features: Pastitsio, a ground beef and macaroni-style casserole; Souvlaki, marinated and skewered pork cubes; Tiropita, a feta-filled puff pastry; and Fassolakia, a.k.a. green beans and a roll. As I’ve come to expect from this culture-focused festival, there were the usual long-but-fast-moving lines of locals waiting for buttery and syrupy desserts, Greek wines and beers, and spiced Greek fries. This year, I arrived with just my teen-aged daughter. I left a few calories heavier. We shared two $3 baklava variations, and I also gobbled down in a few quick seconds a $7 gyro as she stared at me in disgust of my manly appetite.   It took us only a few minutes to mill through a few small artisan tents and we enjoyed our pastries watching young costumed dancers on a small stage. We’re eager to return for more of the same genuine Greek hospitality that’s made this festival a Tallahassee tradition. Opa!
— Mark Hollis

LOCATION: 1645 Phillips Road


One Response to “Day 213: Gyros, Baklava and Opa!”

  1. Windy Taylor November 21, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    This is my absolute favorite thing to do in Tallahassee. Thanks for mentioning it!

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