Day 218: Grab some grub at Food Truck Thursday

22 Feb

One of the things I miss most about Austin is the abundance of delicious food trucks that can be found, it seems, on every street corner. I was thrilled to learn that the food truck phenomenon had arrived in Tallahassee. Every Thursday a half-dozen food trucks squat in a tiny sliver of asphalt and grass between a Burger King and laundromat on Tharpe Street, across from the Lake Ella Publix. It’s not easy to find parking. I probably illegally parked behind the laundromat and my husband parked across the street and walked. The clientele was, for me, the highlight because of the entertaining people-watching. It was mostly college students, who lugged their BYOB wine and talked about such weighty topics such as who was having a party on that particular night. There were also some young families and kids running around. I got pizza from an impressive-looking truck with pizza cooked over a fire. I have to say, though, my pizza was not that great. The dough was thinner than a cracker. I wish instead I had gone to Street Chefs, where they have a grown-up grilled cheese that I heard is awesome. There was also a burgers/fries and Cuban food truck, a cupcake truck from Lucy and Leo’s, a chicken and waffles truck, and a Philippine-food truck. Overall, I’m just excited that Tallahassee is taking a step in the food truck direction. I’m hopeful they find a better location soon with picnic tables. Which brings me to my last point – bring chairs. Or else you will be sitting in a parking lot.

Address: Tharpe Street, near Monroe. Across from the Lake Ella Publix.


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