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Day 166: Reach your destination on StarMetro

15 Jun

Growing up I had the anti-suburban Dad. He lived pretty close to downtown Austin and taught me how to ride the city bus. By age 13, I would ride the city bus from his house to the mall and into downtown regularly. So I have an unusual fondness for mass transit, having used buses and trains (when I lived in Washington D.C.) to get around for a long time. I had put off using Tallahassee’s city buses for not very good reasons. I assumed it would be terribly inconvenient because it was a smaller bus service than the one I was used to in Austin. But this week, I decided to give StarMetro a shot. I’m extremely lucky that where I live (SouthWood) there are not one, but two bus stops nearby. I carried along a book I was reading and stood for about 10 minutes waiting for the bus. It comes at about 30 minutes increments and generally runs pretty close to schedule. Bus fare is $1.25 each way and they don’t offer change. The ride itself was smooth and relaxing. On my route you have your pick of seats because there aren’t that many commuters. After about 20 minutes I got dropped off downtown, where I work. The ride back home was just as seamless. I couldn’t believe I had put off commuting by bus for so long. The next day I converted my husband into becoming a bus rider and we bought longer bus passes with the intention of commuting more frequently. I genuinely prefer it to driving by car, which I know many people find perplexing. You may not save much in gas, depending on where you are coming from, but you will be doing Mother Earth a solid. One thing to note is the StarMetro system is about to change. They are revamping the bus system and eliminating some routes. The new routes will be in effect July 11. If you are a bus newbie, spend some time studying the schedules and maps first.

Address: All over town.